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**I AM RETIRING... for now**

Every time around this time of year, I get inactive. This time, however, I have fully lost interest of making levels. I might post a couple, but ideas of levels are running out.

No, I am not QUITING. I am just RESTING. In other words, I will wait until either a new game comes out or until I really think it is appropriate to get a level going.

Also, the fact that you can't even post a good level anymore without getting criticized for small things. Don't you guys see what is going on?

Poetpu is falling apart.

Who made SMF1 and SMF2? Poetpu did, and did he make it with any people? Nope. He was just an ordinary guy like us, with an IDEA.

Well, if I am not mistaken, then he did not take LESSONS on how to make a game. Maybe he was a programming genius.

WE THE PEOPLE OF POUETPU should make SMF3. Like I said, Poetpu was just an ordinary guy trying to make a game fun for everyone. I can tell why he was so inactive all of these days. It is because of US being meat heads by pleading him to make SMF3, while we are just sitting on our butts looking at a SCREEN.

I for one can't do it, I can't make a game. So why am I telling you guys to do it? Because I aint the one complaining.

I don't mean it rude, but if we want the website to stay alive, then we have to work togethor. Not just the high class users, but everyone.

We can do it. We just have to give effort.

Now as for me, like I said, I have lost interest in this website. I will sometimes rate levels and post levels, but I'm running out of level ideas. So just like WOLFFORTHEWIN, I am taking a long REST.

And by the way, tell me if you guys are starting to make SMF3.

Thanks guys,

P.S. I hope you like the song I left you. ;)

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